In only 80 hours, Apex Dental Assisting School will introduce you to dentistry and assisting.

Apex Dental Assisting in Logan, UT was established in 2005

Dr. Bingham and his staff realized there was a great need in Cache Valley for trained dental assistants.

We are a fast-paced program that allows our students to become familiar with various procedures, techniques, and instruments involved in the dental field. Our students obtain their Radiology Certification, CPR Certification, OSHA, and HIPAA training while in the course.

Apex Dental Assisting is more than just book work. We believe hands-on training is the best way to learn. Our program is outlined with over 20 projects; ranging from cleaning a patient’s teeth, taking x-rays, placing a rubber dam, assembling a syringe, placing sealants, and (our students favorite) making custom bleach trays. During the course, students will also be required to build a resume and receive coaching on both the resume and the interviewing process.

With classes only being held 3 times a year, we’ve had over 250 students with a current graduation rate of 96%. Students take our course either to succeed as a dental assistant, help their chances of getting accepted in a Dental Hygiene Program, or even just for fun. Whichever the reason; Apex Dental Assisting is here to help our students obtain their goals.

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How long does it take to graduate from a dental assisting school?

Dental Assisting Schools differ in structure and time. Some assistant schools will require over 1000 hours of classroom study and many others here in Utah are as little as 80 classroom hours.

Why The Difference?

Utah State dental licensing board has not expanded dental assisting duties in Utah as far as some other states are currently allowing, limiting by law the in-office procedures that dental assistants can legally do. Dental assistants in Utah, even without expanded duty options, are the key to everything done in every office in this state. If a dental assistant should move into another state they should check with that state’s governing dental board and be prepared to update their qualifications.

Only 80 Hours of Class Room Hours

What is the difference between the Apex Dental Assisting program and that of another school requiring 1,000 class room hours?

Expense and time.

Apex Dental Assisting tuition is $2950, other programs will be different.

Trained In A Dental Office

The best dental assisting training will be in the dental office. Apex Dental Assisting is designed to ‘open the dental assisting door’ by teaching you dental assisting basics and then help you move into the type of dental office you would like to work.

Wages Are Nearly Identical

Wages- in the state of Utah there is ‘virtually’ no difference between the starting wages earned by the 1000 hour student and the 80 hour student. Dental assistants are paid similar wages to nonspecialized nursing employees and are not usually required to work weekend or evening hours.
Apex was an amazing experience! I felt very qualified when started working in dentistry after finishing the course. We were taught all the important skills needed on the job. The class was so much fun and very organized, always looked forward to coming to class!
— Aleia