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In only 80 hours, Apex Dental Assisting School will introduce you to dentistry and assisting.

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How much is tuition?
Apex Dental Assisting tuition is $2,950.
How long does the program take?
In only 80 hours, Apex Dental Assisting School will ‘open the door’ to dentistry and Dental Assisting for you.
How many students will be in the class?
There should be no more than 8 students in any one class, so you will receive very personal attention at all times.
Will I be able to get a job after the program?
In the state of Utah new dental offices are opening and others are expanding, opening opportunities for our students. In nearly every area of the country, there is a shortage of trained dental assistants. Full or part-time work is almost always available.
Will my training be valid outside of the State of Utah?
Each state varies with the required qualifications of Dental Assistants. If you move into another state, you should check with that state’s governing dental board to update their qualifications.
What are the different kinds of dental offices?
There are many types of dental offices needing your skills: Family Dentistry, Orthodontics, Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Periodontics, and Pediatrics. Dental Assistants also find themselves filling other roles in the dental office such as receptionists, accounts receivable, ordering supplies, insurance billing, and office managing.
Which is better ‘Dental Assistant’ or ‘Dental Hygienist’?
Dental hygienists will make about three times more money, on a daily basis, than dental assistants do, but they have the additional cost and time of University attendance, basic science classes, and then extensive Hygiene schooling (2-4years). They must also pass the State Licensing Board examination before they can practice Dental Hygiene in Utah.

Dental assistants work in all aspects of a dental practice. Dental hygienists are very specialized and thus limit themselves to that field of specialty in the dental office.

Over the years we have had many dental assistants who have taken their skills, love of dentistry, and applied to hygiene school becoming great dental hygienists. Many dental hygienists want to retain their dental assisting skills and after practicing Hygiene for a time, have asked to spend some time periodically working as dental assistants.

Many hygienists have their own dental assistants that they work with daily.

Dental hygiene school is very competitive, and many Dental assistants have found that their time and training working in a dental practice has given them a ‘leg up’ in their acceptance into Dental hygiene school. After hygiene school, their dental assistance office experience will confidently help them in obtaining work as a Hygienist, and make them more productive in their new role as a Dental Hygienist.

I am so glad I chose to go to Apex Dental Assisting School! The instructors are so awesome, they’re super personable and kind and give you tons of one on one time to make sure you have a good understanding of everything and are comfortable with what you’re doing. The smaller classroom size makes it much easier to learn and ask questions, and for me was a lot more comfortable and easy to participate. My favorite part about it was all the hands-on training that we would receive each time we came to class. We were able to practice things like taking X-Rays, Charting, taking impressions of teeth, setting up for procedures, sterilizing, and SO much more! Your classmates become your practice patients which makes it much easier because we’re all learning and having someone there to help. That, along with everything we learned from the textbook and discussion helped me to be much more prepared and adjust easily to my first job as a Dental Assistant. For everything you get from this class, it is well worth the money! I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to be a Dental Assistant.

— Jaylyn

What qualifications do I need to become an Apex Dental Assistant Student?

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Minimum Age

18 years of age, or older, as prescribed by Utah law.

Minimum Education Required

GED or High School Graduation certificate. The student must speak, read, and write the English Language.

Enrollment Deposit

$200. This fee holds your spot in the class, is non-refundable, and does go towards your tuition.

Love of people, love of creativity, and skilled hands.

Dental assisting training does not require technical reading, science, or chemistry background. Dental assisting is your focus- learning the skills to help the patient, understand their needs in the dental office. The Dentist has already passed the science, the university, and the focused training of becoming a Dentist. You are training to help him facilitate this training and improve his effectiveness by working under his direction and training. It will be within the scope of the doctor’s license that you will be assisting people in the dental office.

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